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Hospitality/Concierge Services


S.M.O.R.S. is extremely excited to be able to extend these new specialty services to our cabin owners and their guests. It’s just another reason why we are ahead of the pack.  

Whether your reservation is an extended stay, special occasion such as an engagement surprise, anniversary and or you just want to be pampered, S.M.O.R.S. wants to make your stay extra special.

Just simply either inquire through your property cabin owner, contact us through our email: or call directly to 865.985.6280 to find out further.

Please see the list below of the services we offer.


Starting at $35.00 including delivery.


Starting at $30.00

*Beds are remade with clean linen, bathrooms cleaned.

Kitchen linen, hot tub towels are replaced with clean linen.  


Starting at $25.00 per hot tub,

+ $25.00 every additional hour rounded up to the nearest hour.  

*** Guests may be charged an additional fee if the unit is found to contain prohibited products, such as; bubble bath, dye, debris due to cover being off, or excess skin product residue (lotion, body oil.)


Starting at $40.00 for first hour including delivery + $25.00 every additional hour rounded up to the nearest hour.  Any alcoholic item purchased will be delivered upon presentation of a non-expired valid state ID.


Each pickup after the first complimentary garbage pickup is $25.00 per pick up.




Laundry service:

Turndown Service:

Hot tub cleaning:

Grocery Service:

Garbage removal:

For these services, we accept cash and or payments processed through Square Up.

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